7 reasons why to choose raw based organic oils

For these 7 reasons (and there are others), organic plant-based oils offer superior solutions for multiple areas of health and fitness:​

  1. Your cells are really made from these oils
  2. Processing destroys the "life" of most of the oils in our food today
  3. Fish or krill based oils are derived and unnecessary
  4. The basis for any "ketogenic" diet
  5. Enhances energy and sense of well-being.
  6. Improves healing and recovery
  7. Highly anti-inflammatory

1. Your cells are really made from these oils!

By this I mean cell membranes, both external and internal membranes (mitochondria, etc.), which constitute approximately 75% of the cell in volume, 40% in weight (Auger, 2018). All the biochemical processes that take place in each of your cells somehow occur in the cell membrane, and the membrane controls what goes in and what goes out, the most important of which is OXYGEN. By giving you the right omegas, you develop healthy cell membranes and maximize the performance of all your cell processes.

2. Processing destroys the "life" of most of the oils in our food today!

Check out the ingredient list of everything that's packed in your closet today. Most of them will contain canola, corn, soy or cotton oil. Why is that? These are highly processed oils, which means that they are treated in such a way that they do not spoil; therefore, the "food" that contains them lasts forever on the shelf. How? In fact, they artificially spoil the oil, then clean the bad-smelling, bad-tasting by-products and market it as a consumable.

​Spoiling is the oxidation of fats (which is where that rotten fish smell comes from). "Pre-decomposed" fats can no longer absorb OXYGEN, so when you eat these foods and these fats are absorbed by cell membranes, you will not be able to absorb oxygen either. This leads to fatigue, inflammation, and eventually chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer (Steps in Oil and Meal Processing, 2017).

3. Fish and krill based oils are derived and unnecessary!

Fish and krill oils contain DHA and EPA fatty acids. These are long-chain fatty acids that our bodies can produce in the small amounts that we need; supplementation is not required as long as we have an adequate amount of healthy, raw, organic vegetable oils which are the LA and ALA medium chain fatty acids. In fact, 83% of fish and krill oils are rotten (oxidized) when they reach the shelf (Cameron-Smith, Albert & Cutfield, 2015), hence those "fishy" burps for those who have tried them. The best to avoid.

4. The basis for any "ketogenic" diet

A ketogenic diet is any diet in which the predominant source of calories is fat. As you can see from above, many fats (unsaturated fats) are unstable in the presence of heat and oxygen and break down or rot easily. Saturated fats (like coconut oil) are stable for very long periods of time and are the body's preferred fuel. They are 7 to 9 times better in energy production than carbohydrates and are especially good for the brain and heart (Fan, 2013). Therefore, it is essential that unsaturated fats are as fresh as possible, since oxidation destroys the good qualities they possess. Therefore, the way Pure Form Omega® Natural is processed (cold pressed, under a nitrogen blanket with a nitrogen bubble in each capsule) maintains the freshness of these unstable oils for long periods of time.

5. Enhances energy and sense of well-being

Again, everything goes back to having healthy cell membranes. When OXYGEN can more easily pass through the membrane, you get much more efficient energy production from your cells' mitochondria. That leads to better athletic performance, but also better cardiovascular fitness, better liver and kidney function, and most importantly, better brain function. Consider that your brain consumes 20% of your energy. Anything that improves the efficiency of your brain will lead to better mental fitness and a better sense of well-being.

6. Improves healing and recovery

The greatest impediment to healing is OXYGENATION of the tissues. This can lead to excessive pain after workouts, poor healing after injury, chronic lack of wound healing, and even amputation in extreme cases. According to the University of Miami study, Pure Form Omega® Natural follows the predicted biochemistry of superior wound healing by improving oxygenation to all cells in the body. With better oxygenation, you get superior aerobic metabolism, less anaerobic metabolism, which, as athletes know, provides superior athletic performance, better endurance, and greatly reduced recovery time.

7. Highly anti-inflammatory

Inflammation occurs when cells ask for help from the rest of the body (especially the immune system) by releasing inflammatory factors to treat an injury or infection. The easiest way to damage a cell is to deprive it of oxygen. If you keep the cell healthy, you decrease inflammation. But Pure Form Omega® Natural has an additional advantage: the formulation contains a little more GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) that pushes cells to produce more PGE1, the body's most powerful anti-inflammatory. So by using the body's own biochemical processes, PFO directly decreases inflammation and relieves painful conditions like arthritis.

Image source: Mary G. Enig, Ph.D., adapted from RR Brenner, Ph.D. The Role of Fats in Human Nutrition, 1989


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