Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Fight the COVID-19 Virus with EFAs

Most of us are attempting to avoid contracting the COVID-19 Virus by using masks, gloves, disinfectants, and antiseptics. Shouldn’t we also focus on strengthening your body’s immune system to stop this external invader? There is more than one strain of corona virus. However, the following analysis generally applies to all of them. “Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses and Killing of Cells by Fatty Acids,” and 2019’s “Characterization of the Lipidomic Profile of Human Coronavirus-Infected Cells: Implications for Lipid Metabolism Remodeling upon Coronavirus Replication,” specify that the long chain fatty acids; in particular, Parent omega-6 and its longchain metabolite AA can destroy the virus at the cellular level.

Today, due to food processing, unless you are consuming organic Parent omega-6, it will be adulterated and inactive to a large extent. For optimal protection, an EFA formulation should optimize cell membrane structure (viruses must bind and join the cell’s membrane) and maximize blood flow. EFAs must be consumed on a daily basis. We all understand that a strong immune system is key to staying healthy. Parent omega-6 also optimizes cellular health by flooding each of your cells with oxygen. In an effort to assist you, I have summarized the two articles:

The 1st article analyzed nine fatty acids found in human breast milk for their anti-viral effect. Enveloped viruses like the Corona Virus are susceptible to inactivation and destruction by certain fatty acids. This journal article study makes clear that all fats are not equal in anti-viral effectiveness — only medium-chain saturated, and long-chain unsaturated fatty acids were antiviral (but at varying concentrations):

• The polyunsaturated long-chain fatty acids [like PEOs] were the most active and effective antiviral in killing enveloped viruses (like the Corona Virus).

• “Antiviral fatty acids were found to affect the viral envelope, causing leakage and at higher concentrations, a complete disintegration of the envelope and the viral particles. They also caused disintegration of the plasma membranes of tissue culture cells resulting in cell lysis and death….

” The 2nd article analyzed 24 lipids. There are several pathogenic Corona Virus types similar to the current 2019-nCoV, and the researchers looked at the highly pathogenic MERS coronavirus — which had an enormous 34% mortality rate. LA [Parent omega-6] is the metabolic precursor of AA — both of which are key components of the cell membrane and are biological signaling precursors.

Researchers found that optimal coronavirus replication required a specific composition of cellular lipids and any disruption could decrease the efficiency of coronavirus replication:

• Supplementation of LA [Parent omega-6] / AA [omega-6 series long-chain derivative] significantly suppressed both HCoV-229E (which can also impair the respiratory system), and also significantly suppressed the highly virulent MERS-CoV described above. These fatty acids can be metabolized to important eicosanoids and metabolites, which play multiple roles in the host immune response and the pathogenesis of viral infections.

• “LA metabolism and AA metabolism pathways presented higher impact than the other pathways. Our data demonstrated that LA and AA potently suppressed MERS-CoV replication in a similar manner as HCoV-229E. Overall, our results demonstrated that exogenously supplied [from a supplement] LA and AA could interfere with the optimal replication of human-pathogenic coronaviruses….”

Brian Peskin, BSEE-MIT, Founder: Life-Systems Engineering Science profnutrition@gmail.com / www.brianpeskin.com

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